4. Submitting request for an invitation (employer)

30 days after announcing the vacant position to the State Employment Agency, concluding the employment contract and collecting the necessary documents, the employer can apply for the invitation of the foreign worker.

You can submit the application at the regional offices of the OCMA together with documents listed before.

You should pay the fee for examination of the documents. It can be done with your payment card at the OCMA or the representation of Latvia while submitting documents.

During the next five business days the OCMA will make the decision on the approval of the invitation. In the case if the additional examination is necessary, the employer will be informed, and the decision will take another ten days.

If the employer has not received a negative decision or additional questions during five days after application is submitted, the invitation is approved by default. The OCMA will not inform employer or employee in case of positive decision. An invitation approved by OCMA is valid for 6 months starting from the fifth day after submission of an application.