3.2. Collecting documents (employee)

In order to ensure smoother immigration procedures, we strongly suggest that the employee also starts collecting the necessary documents timely, during the announcementof the vacancy, drafting the contract or waiting for the invitation.

In order to apply for the residence permit, the foreign worker will need to submit following documents to the OCMA:

The available means for subsistence should be no less than the average gross monthly salary in Latvia in the previous calendar year (859 EUR in 2017) for every month of the intended residence.

(!) In general the proof of available means would be a copy of the employment contract stating your gross salary in the Republic of Latvia. If the employer submitted the contract while applying for the invitation, you don’t need to submit it once again.

  • A valid document proving the planned place of residence (address) in Latvia and the rights to stay there. The document should prove your planned residence for at least six months after you will receive your residence permit;

    (!) The usual proof of residence would be the rent agreement or letter from your relatives in Latvia ready to accommodate you. Yes, you can change your place of residence after your arrival in Latvia, and you must inform the OCMA about your new address.

  • A criminal record issued by the police or other competent institution of your country of citizenship and of any other country where the foreigner has resided for longer than 12 months. The criminal record is not required if you don’t need visa to enter Latvia;

  • A document confirming the state duty payment. (The payment can be made at the diplomatic or consular representation of the Republic of Latvia or by making a payment to the account specified in the price list). The payment shall be made before the submission of an application.

    All documents can be submitted in Latvian, Russian, German, English, or French.