1. Announcing the vacancy (employer)

Before inviting an employee from a non-EU or non-EEA country, an employer must announce the vacant position to the State Employment Agency.

The vacant position must be registered in the State Employment Agency for one month before the employer can proceed with submitting request for an invitation.

Announcing vacant position is not required in the following cases:

  • if the foreigner is highly qualified employee and is applying for the EU Blue Card;
  • if the foreigner will be employed:
  • Or in cases, if the foreigner:
    • is a full-time student at an educational institution accredited in the Republic of Latvia and his or her residence is related to participation in an exchange programme he or she is admitted for studies in a master’s or doctoral study programme or a study programme at the end of which the student obtains a degree regarded as equal to a master’s degree;
    • is a consultant (expert) who provides assistance to a State or local government institution or a person who helps to implement such international agreement or project, which the Latvia is a member state to;
    • has a valid temporary residence permit issued in another Member State of the European Union , EEA or Switzerland and the employer relocates her/him for employment in Latvia;
    • is an intra-corporate transferee.